Baba Ijesha Disgraced Yoruba Movie Industry – Iyabo Ojo Slams Yomi Fabiyi [Read More]

Baba Ijesha Disgraced Yoruba Movie Industry – Iyabo Ojo Slams Yomi Fabiyi
Baba Ijesha Disgraced Yoruba Movie Industry – Iyabo Ojo Slams Yomi Fabiyi

Reactions and heated arguments among Nigerian entertainers have continued to be on the rise following, the rape allegation against Veteran actor, Baba Ijesha.

In a recent development, actress, Iyabo Ojo slammed another colleague, Yomi Fabiyi for seeking video evidence showing Baba Ijesha defiling the 14-year-old girl as he was accused.

Fabiyi in the post on his Instagram page had called for patience on the allegations against Baba Ijesha, warning actors and celebrities, especially Iyabo Ojo to stop passing judgement on the accused until he is proven guilty in court.

However, Iyabo Ojo who did not take the matter lightly slammed Yomi Fabiyi in an Instagram post

She warned him to stay away from the issue and stop demanding video evidence but allow the police to carry out a proper investigation.

The mother of two described Baba Ijesha as a disgrace to the Yoruba movie industry.

Iyabo maintained that she would not be silent on the matter nor support evil because the accused is a celebrity.

In a video on her Instagram, Iyabo Ojo said: “Yomi Fabiyi I wouldn’t go back and forth with you. Are you mad ni? You want to use me to catch cruise because I disagreed with you you said I’m shading you.

“You escalated this rape issue if you didn’t put up a write up without proper investigation or going to the police station, I wouldn’t have done the video.

“You said they should release the video, if you’re the father would you do that, how would you think that girl would feel.

“Some people like you are asking for evidence to be posted online. If you didn’t do that write up I wouldn’t have done that video.


“I don’t have to call you behind closed doors, I’m different you cannot try me. Baba Ijesha has passed his boundaries so he has to be disgraced. Yes, Baba Ijesha is my senior colleague but I will not support rubbish because he is my colleague. I will not even support my children.


“I will not see something that is wrong and try to cover it up especially not for that child. Baba Ijesha is a disgrace to Yoruba industry, he has dragged us in the mud

“Yomi that your write-up is a flop, if you want evidence, call Princess or go to the police station and do your investigation rather than come on social media.”

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