Gist: Adunni Ade As Narrate How Growing Up In Nigeria Was The Darkest Moment In Her Life

Actress Adunni Ade recounts how growing up in Nigeria was the darkest moment in her life
Actress Adunni Ade recounts how growing up in Nigeria was the darkest moment in her life

Nollywood actress Adunni Ade has recounted how growing up in Nigeria was one of the darkest moments in her life.

She Said;

“I grew up without my mum. My mum was not in my life since I was a little girl. I was raised by my dad, his family, tossed here and there…step mum. It wasn’t the best, let me just put it that way, jumping from one family member to the other,” she said.

My dad is my everything. He was doing everything he could to create a name for himself, his business, his work, and I guess, you know.”

“I hope I’m not being mean by saying Nigerian men, they can’t really… single father, can’t really just take care of their child, so they have to put the child here and put the child there.”

“He was doing all this to provide for me. It was a really dark period growing up here. I remember more hurt than I remember of happiness. So when I left Nigeria after secondary school to meet my mum, that was always my dream to be with my mum, I did not realise the damage my not being with her had caused her.

The mother of two went on to recount how her relationship with the father of her children opened a darker era in her life.

“She was fighting her own demons and we were just clashing. I just did not feel the love and care I should have had from a very young age,” she added

“I then met my ex, the father of my children and it wasn’t the best of situation. We were together for 8-9 years. That was another dark period if not darker than what I experienced here in Nigeria. I just felt that I wasn’t happy at all. I just felt broken.”

“Everything was just negative. I started to ask if there really a God? Why do I have to endure so much hurt? I’m a loving person, I’m a kind person, I can give you the shirt off my back so to say, so why do I have to experience so much pain?”

Ade is a Nollywood actress born to a Nigerian dad and a German-Irish mother.

She landed her first Nollywood role when she acted in the Yoruba film “You or I” in 2013.

She has also featured in several other Nollywood movies of both English and Yoruba languages, including some music videos for Sound Sultan and Ice Prince.

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