Gist: Dangote Finally Sues American Lady For Exposing His Buttocks On Social Media

Nigerian billionaire, Aliko Dangote has filed a lawsuit to claim damages for his smeared reputation after one of his alleged American mistresses posted videos on social media that included the billionaire’s exposed buttocks earlier this month.

Mr. Dangote filed the charges in an American court in Miami, Florida.

He sought compensation for $30,000 in the civil lawsuit, which he appeared to have filed under a pseudonym John Doe. The name also has an alias that says ‘AD’, which appeared presumably as initials for Aliko Dangote.

The charges were filed against a woman who was identified as Autumn Spikes aka Allarounda1 on Instagram. She took to instagram to share the subpoena and further disclosed how Dangote’s legal team paid her to sign a NDA about her intimate relationship with the billionaire of which she refused.

Allarounda1 has now threatened to air the dirty linens on social media as Dangote has drawn the first blood.

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