Gist: “I Agreed To Go Out With Him, But He Came To Pick Me In A Keke, I Was So Ashamed -Lady

But what really caused her to be disappointed in a guy she agreed to go out with in the first place ?

A lady has taken to social media a couple of hours ago to narrate what went down between her and a guy who is a twitter influencer. She narrated the sad story of how she was so ashamed of the guy after she agreed to go out on a date with him.


“Guys about your favorite influencer

This is so sad I agreed to out with an influencer

And he agreed to pick me but he came inside a Keke Napep.

I was so ashamed of him I had to decline.

Please did I do anything wrong???

How can he put a fine body like this in a napep?”
All because he came to pick her in a Keke, the lady was so ashamed of him that she had decline him.

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