In the Name of the Brother (2024) Season 1 (Episode 1-6 Added)

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Set in Harbin under the puppet Manchukuo regime in 1944, Song Zhuo Wen, an underground party member disguised as a railway police officer, is mistakenly identified by the head of the spy department, Guan Xue, as her lifesaver—but is actually Zhuo Wen’s long-lost twin brother, Song Zhuo Wu. To uncover the ultimate mission of Kwantung Army officer Asano Daigo in Harbin, Zhuo Wen decides to use Guan Xue to infiltrate the spy department, but the sudden appearance of Zhuo Wu plunges him into unexpected trouble.

Native Title: 哈尔滨一九四四

Also Known As: Harbin 1944 , Ha Er Bin 1944 , Mei You Wo De Cheng , 没有我的城 , 哈尔滨1944 , 哈爾濱一九四四

Director: Zhang Li

Screenwriter: Wang Xiao Qiang

Genres: Thriller, Historical, Mystery, Political


Drama: In the Name of the Brother

Country: China

Episodes: 40

Aired: Apr 21, 2024 – ?

Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Original Network: BTV, Dragon TV, iQiyi, JSTV

Duration: 45 min.

Episode 1 [540p]

Episode 2 [540p]

Episode 3 [540p]

Episode 4 [540p]

Episode 5 [540p]

Episode 6 [540p]

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