Man Angrily Confronts Girlfriend After Finding Big Cucumber In Her Handbag With Condom On It

Relationship wahala
Relationship wahala

man lost his temper and duly confronted his girlfriend after he found a giant cucumber in her handbag with a condom placed on it.

This inevitably means the lady has been giving herself sexual pleasure with the huge vegetable which somewhat proves the guy is not able to drive her to the point of satisfaction she craves for. The young lady who was shellshocked after she was nabbed unexpectedly, denied using the cucumber as a sex toy.

The furious guy then asked her why the cucumber was not in the fridge or lying in the kitchen but in her handbag if she insisted she wasn’t using it for self-pleasure.

Watch the interesting video below;

In other news, a man is soliciting expert advice from Shola Jordan Adeoye, a famed life coach, counsellor and pastor on what should dictate his next line of action after his wife decided not to attend church with him together.

In a message the unnamed man addressed to Shola, he claimed his wife has refused to join him in his own church and rather prefers to stick to the church she goes to before they got married. His full post, as shared on social media reads;

“Good Morning Pastor Shola. Got married recently but my wife has refused to join me in my church. She believed every other person not attending her church are sinners.

This matter was discussed before marriage. She agreed to join me in my church but now refused after our marriage. Both families has said she doesn’t have the right but she still refused.

Her church Pastor has also being supporting her. What should I do as I don’t want to raise children using two different doctrines. Are we not suppose to be one? Why is she dividing the home? I feel like divorcing her so she can please herself.”

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