Simi Wondering Why She Forgets Songs She Wrote Even Though She Loved Them


Songstress Simi is wondering why she forgets some songs she wrote even though she loves the song saying that alone scares her the most.

Simi in a post on her InstaStory lamented over the fact that she keeps forgetting some songs she wrote and only found out when she starts clicking on all the projects on her laptop even though she loved all these songs.

According to Simi, the way she has been finding songs she forgot she wrote when she clicks on all the projects on her laptop scares the fvck out of her because she really loved the songs she wrote but then get to forget them.

She then wondered how she forgets about all these songs that she wrote even though she loved them all until she goes through all her projects again hence asked her fans and followers why she’s forgetting about them.

Simi is probably not the only artist who forgets some of the songs she writes because most other artists even forget about songs they have released moving forward hence she forgetting some that she wrote is just normal.

Simi is one of the best singers and songwriters in Nigeria and most of her lyrics speak to the soul therefore forgetting some of her songs might hurt her fans the most because they won’t be able to enjoy what she has for them.

Her post below;

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